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Raven Fitted Wod shorts

£13.00 £40.00
Raven Fitted Wod shorts
Raven Fitted Wod shorts
Raven Fitted Wod shorts
Raven Fitted Wod shorts
Raven Fitted Wod shorts
Raven Wod shorts use a series of compression technology fabrics and sculpted ergonomic stitch patterns to bring you a unisex performance utility pair of shorts.
The above knee design fits and sculpts to the body while at the same time giving 100% freedom of the movement.
Performance fabrics contain moisture wicking qualities but with the benefits of an extremely flexible dynamic strong fabric. The compression waist allows for a solid fixing of the garment to the body, while still allowing the limbs to move freely and uninterrupted.
No inner lining allows for additional compression layers underneath.
If you like a loose style garment, we recommend sizing up.

2 zipped utility pockets either side of the garment
2 casual unzipped pockets
draw string
Compression waist
Above knee sculpted fit.
No inner lining

Stretch to fit sizes:
Small 28"-30" waist
Medium 30" - 32" waist
Large 32"-34" waist
XLarge 34"-36" waist
XXlarge 36"-38" waist

Sizing for ladies:
Small 8-10
Medium 10-12
Large 12-14
XLarge 14-16
XXlarge 16-18