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Want to become a Razorstormâ„¢ Clan Leader?

We are recruiting the finest warriors across midgard to fight for the honour of the Razorstorm horde.
Do you have a whole clan of warriors that you fight with side by side? Becoming a Razorstorm Clan Leader means you and your troops can benefit from rewards and discount codes for the mightiest armour forged by the master dwarves.
As a Razorstorm Clan Leader you will receive rewards every time your power runes are used by your troops which can be used as store credit.

The Razorstorm forge is a community driven, artist run operation and as such we support and encourage other traders and craftsmen within the community. This means becoming a Razorstorm clan leader is not an exclusive deal, you can support multiple crafters under your clan banner.

Let us know your story and please include any social media links: