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Free Beanie With Premium Hoodie

£30.00 £10,000.00

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock

Free Beanie With Premium Hoodie
Free Beanie With Premium Hoodie
Free Beanie With Premium Hoodie
The most ultimate super bestest winter hats this side of the bifrost, using only the finest woven unicorn hair.
Our free range Unicorn harvesting facilities use only the newest technology to ethically torture and extract the unicorn hair in its purest form, allowing us to keep that fresh softness. Our mass production factory adds stickers that say "sustainable" allowing you to remain totally guilt free. So you can go on pretending you are doing your bit for the environment. Our army of below minimum wage prisoners sometimes get tea breaks while the overlords beat them with vegan leather whips.
RRP on these specialist items is £10,000.

Or alternatively get this item free when you purchase a premium hoodie while stocks last

We cannot guarantee the exact colour of your free gift, but we will do our best to choose the colour you want or the closest matching. Dont get pissy if you don`t get the colour you want, its free, no exchanges.

No actual fictional mythical beasts are harmed in the making of our hats

Sorry, this item is out of stock