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Free Mystery Items are back
When you think of people banging on about sustainable and organic shit you may automatically think of hipsters and hippies sitting around a camp fire singing kum ba yah holding hands and discussing what organic sustainable bearings they have on their unicycle. And you maybe right. We do this in the workshop quite often.

But here is the thing, although people in general are cnts, midgard is pretty cool, It has some pretty epic landscapes and environments which are home to bad ass animals. huge fking bears, chilled as fuck sloth's and those mental little hedgehogs that are hangry as shit. 
So we kinda need look after these guys.

We don't like to pretend to be martrys on this environmental issue and go on about it all the time. We feel its slightly unethical to use these issues as an excuse to try and drive more sales.  Companies who produce waste have a responsibility to implement measures to reduce plastic consumables and recycle their waste. This is exactly what we try our best to do.

We just wanted to let you know that where possible, we always choose the more earth safe route, if it be organic recycled fabrics or biodegradable packaging. We try our best to reduce our impact on the environment around us.

Even when it comes down to our new facilities, we have used reclaimed wood, salvaged materials, old pallets etc to create our workshop and work space.

Yours in battle