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Hey, how you doing?

I am Razorstorm, a self-taught artist.

You may have been linked to this section - please do not be offended as the same questions get asked over and over.
Coming from a very working-class background in the North West, I was that kid in school who failed most of their exams and spent all their time doodling instead of listening. In 2008 I started a clothing brand by accident while working in a minimum wage factory job and sht just kinda got outta control since then. This is the section where I write a whole bunch of generic BS in third person about how our gear is so much more premium than every other cockwomble in the market, while throwing out some fancy words to jerk off our egos, but that's not how this rolls.

The studio is small in size but big in ideas and spirit. When I say small, I am talking tighter than a crab's arse small. All the designs are hand-drawn and hand-printed by myself using authentic old school techniques. Which means 99% of the time I am covered in ink and nuts-deep in t-shirts.  Please don't treat the studio as if it's some big mega faceless corporation - things here couldn't be more real and human. Blood and grit built this brand and creativity keeps it fuelled.

Time to print and make the garments can vary; the majority of items are hand printed to order. This means the dispatch time can be anything from 3-14 days. Promotions like flash sales can really stretch the limits of the workshop, so expect delivery times to be mid/end of the quoted times. Production is constantly full steam ahead and always aiming to get the gear out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately next day dispatch or super quick deliveries cannot be supported.

Feel free to drop us an email anytime to check up on orders.

If we have made a mistake, let us know and we can sort it. Mistakes happen and we are only human.
Due to the workload, it is very rare I get access to emails, so I have a magical partially retired helper who works part-time dealing with customer enquiries and dispatch. Please do not expect instant replies as there are only two of us in the studio. If you feel the email may have been missed, send us another. We get quite a few emails and it won't have been ignored on purpose.

I understand buying clothing online can be a pain but things here are very human so please be pleasant - real people read them. My magical helper works very hard and will do their best to help you.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/social media are not used as platforms for customer services. If you need help with an order, I do not have access to this information with ease - the best method is to contact

Social media is great way to connect with you guys, so feel free to throw banter my way. It is always enjoyable to hold hands with you all.
If you need to exchange an item, please let know within 7 days of getting your order.

Please consider that replacement items will also need to be made/printed for you.  It's not a very fast process, so please don't be upset about it. We do our best.

If you need a refund it may take up to the 15 days to process; the studio is driven by creativity, not profit.
Currently I am having a break from bespoke work to focus on my own creative journey. I may however work on the odd few projects if our artistic vision follows the same path, so feel free to touch base.

I want to thank you all for the constant support and being part of creating a cult brand like no other that does not follow the mainstream hype. I am proud to have worked and served with you all.